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ISBN 978-1-61088-489-1    (novel—political satire)  381 pages

FOTUS is unique. The main character is the young, upstart President of the United States, Alexander Jackson Rett. Handsome (in the right light), intelligent, well-dressed, dynamic. Oh yeah, I should also mention that he’s a self-aware fetus in the womb who's at times petulant, petty, and downright vindictive. But there’s always sumthin’. And yes, he does (eventually) come out and take charge (sans umbilical cord), and then things get interesting. And outside of a coup d’état, a terrorist attack, and an assassination attempt or two, not to mention a kinky affair with an Amazon blonde bombshell, he somehow keeps himself and the American Dream 2.0 alive—at least until the sequel.


ISBN 978-1-938773-00-6    (novel)  154 pages

Valley Forge was a dark time for General Washington.  Not because it was a harsh frigid winter, nor that it was the lowest point for the Rebels in the war against England, but because when the moon was full, George Washington roamed the war-torn landscape as a werewolf…


And yes, the narrative was written in eleven days (see FILM in the ABOUT section), but then came the endless editing before it was ready to be released.  A good book to read on a cold winter's night in front of a warm fire, with a brandy or two.  An Ebook bestseller, now available in paperback!



ISBN 978-0-9839039-0-1    (novel)  196 pages

Mudville is Casey at the Bat turned on its ear, seen through the sulfurous light of hellfire.  It’s the bottom of the ninth, the Mudville Nine are down 4-2 with two outs as Casey steps to the plate.  And what follows is an apocalyptic retelling of an American folk tale.  A story of violence through generations at the heart of the American dream, from the 19th century to the present day—of a people shaped by brutality, and the “better angels of our nature” becoming the killer-devils who at any moment threaten to destroy us.

Read the review in the "News & Events" section!


ISBN 978-0-9839039-6-3    (novella)  88 pages


Quentin Antoine, who struggles mightily to get out of bed, travels freely in his mind (philosophically speaking) as he tries to discover the reason for his own existence.  With a critical eye bordering on pathological, he dissects the slightest phenomena as he searches for a clue.  Inspired by Sartre’s La Nausée, the novella Still Life With Abyss chronicles Quentin Antoine’s adventures of the mind as he eventually makes his way to Lyon, to cooking school, and to his surprising true calling.



ISBN 978-0-9839039-7-0    (meta-novel)  311 pages

not since Jack London’s Martin Eden a century before has an American writer delivered such an uncompromising broadside against the money-hungry monolith of the publishing industry.  begun in October of 2003 & completed in July of 2016, angrynastyhostile is a haymaker a knock-out punch.  both hilarious & deadly serious, it takes place in a single moment as a writer steps up to the podium to accept (or reject) a prestigious literary award.  what follows are the permutations of the artistic mind:  the art of digression, a dissenting voice, an impassioned outcry, a fulminating tirade, a contemplation, examination, vivisection of what it means to be alive & kicking at this exact moment in time



ISBN 978-1-938773-01-3    (novel)  165 pages

SUMMER MCCLELLAN is a forty year-old housewife, a lover of poetry, a woman lost in a twenty year marriage.  She heads for Tranquility, Maine, a place she had seen once on a map, as a storm crashes around her.

J.C. BEATTY, younger by ten years, is a potter in the Maine woods, safe he believes in his secluded world of peace.

And on the Solstice as the earth is warmed by the sun, they come together to confront themselves: Summer her past.  J.C. his silent rage.

All Compact Of Fire is a story of love and adultery, of regret and forgiveness, and of Summer McClellan’s journey—from her life in Pennsylvania where she had disappeared, to the unknown in Maine where she had yet to be.


ISBN 978-0-9839039-9-4    (short story collection)  391 pages

If you imagine a world of truth obfuscated by a world of lies then everything you do is political, and anytime you see the truth, even the slightest glimpse of it, it’s a minor miracle.  And the beauty of the truth is that it’s something that can never be written down. Here before you is the truth, no. Never. But the quest is truthful. The quest. To seek it is in a way finding it, and many times, if not always, finding it by what it is not.


ISBN 978-1-938773-06-8    (novel)  304 pages

A fin-de-siècle Faustian satire inspired by Rabelais.  A reflection on morals, God and the Devil, heaven and hell, beauty, literature, and the bestseller list.  And through it all, the universal longing to become someone else.


ISBN 978-1-938773-07-5    (poetry)  140 pages

We are separate from everything around us but a part of it all. The deceptions & manipulations, the self-serving ambition, the arbitrary cruelty, the senseless destruction of the beautiful, as well as the selfless caring, the anonymous acts of goodwill, the striving against what seems insuperable, the hope in the face of a life that is both fragile & finite. We are the endless facets that make up a human being. Like a shattered mirror pieced together, the reflection may be flawed but it's true nonetheless, the cracks in the glass allowing our truest selves to emerge.
ISBN 978-1-938773-08-2    (novel)  390 pages
Meet Daphne Olivia Baranchek:  24 year-old bisexual stripper/novelist, ADHD-addled misfit genius, MFA dropout, and refugee from East Berlin, New Jersey who just might be the female Holden Caulfield.
LIVE NUDE GIRLS is a postmodern exploration of identity, hope, inevitability, and how practically everything in life is a Schrödinger's Cat experiment.
Read Jack Morgan's review:  HERE!
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