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The Struggling Artist—Quote from FOTUS

     “It was a matter of realigning my authenticity.”

     “Come again?”

     “Just because you find some kind o’ purity don’t mean you’ll get a bag o’ groceries.”

     “So you’re in the sell-out category then.”

    “The story o’ the struggling artist is one o’ the most boring, predictable, bullshit stories there is.” Ace pauses as he looks at the President. “I just wanted to make it less predictable.”

     “I think I understand,” says Alex.

    “Well good, cuz I hate explainin’ it. The people that need it explained will never get it no matter how blue in the face ya get. I mean, I got enemies. Ya think you got enemies? The art world is frickin’ Darwinism on crack, but it’s even worse cuz it’s not Darwinism at all! Darwinism is objective, like you’re food so I’ll eat you, but with art it’s bullshit as its own freaking art form! Talk about bullshitters!” Ace laughs, and then he looks at the President. “I’ve been known at times ta not suffer the fool.”

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