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The Death of the Artist

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

The $150,000 duct-taped banana at the most recent Miami Biennale is the death knell of the artist. Perhaps it's time for the word "artist" (so revered throughout millennia) to be the sole province of today's visionaries! The banana duct-tapists! The vacuum-cleaner-bag-emptied-on- the-floor sculptors! The drippy-paint Michelangelos! And for the rest of us, let's come up with a new word. Not maker, as that's too pompous and self-aggrandizing (after all, isn't God the "maker of Heaven and Earth"? And ya can't beat God, creativity-wise). Not creator. Again, too God-like. Crafter? Nah, sounds too Elmer's Glue and macaroni. Inventor of Worlds? (Why does it keep coming back to pomposity?) How 'bout Advanced Chimpanzee or Mega-Chimp? And chimps are tough and at times vicious, so we can beat the shit out of those real artists and eat all their bananas!

Congo the Chimp—painter, banana-lover

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