• kevin kunundrum

"Schopenhauer Swan Song"

Kevin Kunundrum and Lambchop bid you adieu as they go on hiatus from video-making. They leave you with inspiring words from their favorite philosopher: "Watch your back, shoot straight, and take no prisoners."

"There is only one inborn error, and that is, that we exist in order to be happy... What really gives life its wonderful and ambiguous character is that two diametrically opposed aims are constantly at war with each other—that of the individual will, directed to chimerical happiness in an ephemeral, dream-like, and delusive existence in which the present is every moment becoming the past; and that of fate, visibly directed to the destruction of our happiness, the mortification of our will, and the abolition of the illusion that holds us chained in the bonds of this world. The peculiar effect of the tragic drama is that it shakes this inborn error by vividly presenting in a great and striking example, the vanity of human effort and the nothingness of existence, and thus discloses the profound significance of life! Hence, it is recognized as the sublimest form of poetry." —Arthur Schopenhauer

—copyright 2019, 2020 by Kevin Postupack