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Poems of Love & Loss

Updated: Feb 6

For this brand new year, I've begun a book of poetry entitled Reaching for Phantoms—poems of love & loss. Here are the first two... I've been away so long, my love

I exist in the lost

the place of disappears and

vanishings and flick'ring seconds

of something next to life

of something once alive

and still living, damnably still

in that place of empty.

Of mirrors cracked

with edges never dulled by

a thousand cuts.

And a thousand hopes inhaled

as offerings to the nothing,

to breathe back the gone

I see your face when I close my eyes

like dew on grass and my mind

is the sun.

A glistening shimmer when you were

my first footstep towards you,

my first sound made with

you on my breath

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