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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

I just uploaded 16 songs of mine onto my YouTube channel: kevinkunundrum. Here's a sample, a short jazz ballad called "Song For a Friend"...

(the above is a painting of mine... See my ART website in the ABOUT section...)

BACKSTORY: From 1980 to 1995, I was immersed in music. I was a composer and jazz guitarist (who also played classical and the blues). In the late 1980s, I started having trouble with my hands. And my skills began a precipitous decline, until by the end of the 1990s, I couldn't even play a simple open C-chord, and my career as a musician was over. The good news: no more three-hour-a-day practice sessions! (And it was not unusual for me to practice seven, eight, or even nine hours when I was especially inspired!) The bad news: a huge and important part of my life had come to an end, not to mention, how I made my living. These pieces were recorded in the 1990s, when my skills were hanging on by a thread. Somehow, I managed to pull off a decent version of the songs (although some of them took fifty or more takes). The times when I played my best were almost always late at night in my living room, my dog asleep next to me on the sofa. Unfortunately, none of those times were ever captured on tape. Also, many of the songs that I would've liked to have recorded were, at the time of these recordings, beyond my physical capabilities. With that said, I hope you enjoy these poor, yet well-intentioned efforts that somehow survived time's attrition.

—KEVIN KUNUNDRUM, September 2020

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