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The third trimester of The Fetus-President Trilogy.

Blurb #1 . . .

Seven months have passed without a disaster. But to Alex Rett, this is bittersweet, as a President’s greatness is measured by the challenges he must face. Full-sized at last (although not quite a six-footer), he marries Siri (a challenge in itself, marriage). And for a time, things are good. But the world is changing.

King Fazaad’s New Wavemania shows its dark, ugly side. And technology has become a formidable foe. Deep fakes are everywhere and no one is safe, not even the President. And the American people—spurred on by an upstart former Costco checkout-girl turned Congressperson, Cordelia Vasco-DeGama—unleash their frustrations on Alex Rett. His approval rating sinks to zero-point-zero. And when he’s not battling impeachment and his growing legion of enemies (including his nemesis, CVD. As well as Juno Lime, a three-year-old transgender Elvis impersonator), he’s expanding his consciousness. An ancient LSD from the Mayans, given to him by Egad Mollusk the zillionaire. To Alex, a vision quest, as a great world leader must have vision. Although Mollusk may have other motives. And as the realms of Reality and Illusion blend together, Alex meets some grubby, insufferable angels who are just looking for a fight. And above it all in the sky, there’s the matter of that Death Ray and fingers on the button…

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