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I Love Congo the Chimp!

In the 1950s, Congo the Chimp was a celebrated Abstract Impressionist painter who made over 400 works of art. And he was no mere paint-splasher. He had his own distinctive style. He knew of the balance of color, shapes, and texture, as well as composition. If his human mentor added a square on the left, Congo would balance it out with some other shape on the right. If his human added too much blue on one side, Congo would balance it out somehow on the other. I love the serene look on his face. Yet, if his human took a canvas away that he didn't think was finished, Congo would "scream and throw a fit!" (Ah, artists!) And conversely, if his human wanted him to keep working on a piece he believed to be complete, Congo would just refuse to comply. The age-old question of when a work of art is finished. Congo knew. Here are a few beautiful examples of his work...

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