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Kevin Kunundrum recites his newest poem, "Golem", from his upcoming book, UTOPIA—short stories, poems, & essays.


Fire on sale at Walmart to keep us warm

A cash exchange

No clubs or bashed-in brains, as

civilization is balanced on politeness.

A pat on the back for forward progress,

but the wild place is still in view.

And when the Ogres appear,

our bulwark, watery and weak

our buildings, more idea than columns of stone

our backbone, a collective deep breath and

useless open hands.

But for the Creature made of mud

fashioned in dark moonless storm

and incantation.

The Creature is us and not us

and the not us is that

hand that slits throats and crushes skulls

that flings things lifeless into pits

to be burned without regard

without thought

without regret.

All must be lost

in the primordial mind

that got us all the way to Walmart—

where we can sell fire next to 

potted plants and

gardening tools and 

lawn furniture 20% off.

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—copyright 2019, 2020, 2021 by Kevin Postupack, Kevin Kunundrum