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BUY THIS BOOK OR YOU'RE A DICK is the second trimester of Kevin Kunundrum's American President Trilogy.

Blurb #1 (funny) . . .

Things are looking up for Alex Rett. Not only is he still the President, but he’s Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” (since he’s no longer a fetus and is an actual person). In fact, he’s growing and is well on his way to becoming a six-footer (all the great world leaders were six-footers). And his wild notion of doing some good as President is bolstered when he meets Egad Mollusk, the world’s first zillionaire. Through Mollusk, he’s given a device—Tesla’s most formidable invention—that will solve all his problems. And to top it off, he’s dating Siri! (Yes, she’s a real person.)

But the world out there is full of dark clouds to rain on Alex’s parade. Fat Club terrorists, Neo-Nazis, Feminists, impeachment-crazed Democrats, not to mention growing unrest between North and South Urea, and a half-crazed despot—King Fazaad of the Middle Eastern nation of Waq—who has his own plan for imposing world peace. Add to this, school shootings by Kindergarteners, a talking gorilla, and a Death Ray from above, all in the way as Alex Rett tries to forge his legacy.

Blurb #2 (thematic) . . .

On the personal level, Alex Rett is trying to cope with life in the Oval Office outside the womb. He's growing taller, but he's still ridiculously short. And he's impatient like a teenager to be all grown-up so he can stride boldly into the world and make his mark. In the process, he finds what it means to be a true friend, to have love for the first time, and to believe that he might make a difference.

Of course, the world has other ideas. Society has become topsy-turvy, as the 21st century tries to free itself of its past and the world seems hell-bent on ruination. And as enemies and ideologies explode and threaten the age-old notions of reality, Alex tries to discover what it means to be a man and a leader amidst the ever-deafening chaos.

BOOK TWO is the darkest of the trilogy (think The Empire Strikes Back). And it's the most controversial, as Alex Rett finds himself in the middle of the volatile clash between the tyranny of the group and the sovereignty of the individual, with democracy itself in the balance.

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