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Art, Kierkegaard, & that O with the Line Through It

‘The universal need for expression in art lies in man's rational impulse to exalt the inner world…’

Some TV show on Søren Kierkegaard, the 19th century Danish existential philosopher. Jack’s always been a fan. Not because of SK’s philosophy (of which he knows next-to-nothing), but because of that “ø” in his name with the line through it. To Jack, that’s the coolest effin’ thing.

‘…the highest ideals he sees in the inner life of others, together with what he finds in his own life—into a spiritual consciousness…’

“Kierkegaard's own words from his diary,” the host of the show intones. “He saw within us a kind of sounding board off of which we bounced our ideas, our vision. And this was our connection to the past and the concept of standards that he believed we all internally possessed at an archetypal level. And if there was a resonance here, if our ideas met with a sympathetic vibration from this deep inner place, then the idea was true. And in a work of art, this truth would then be reflected in the work itself. But this all existed internally. It was something that only the artist himself knew. And of course it discounted self-deception…”

(This excerpt is from Kevin Kunundrum's new novel, Blood of the Sun)

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